Effortless Yachting was born out of the passion that drives its director and partners.

Effortless Yachting is focused on a single objective: to enable “calm sailing”, and aims to serve as a trusted partner in the area of maintenance and crewing for managers and owners of Yachts. Our services are offered in the hope of establishing long-term partnership.

Why choose Effortless Yachting?

My 30 years of experience in the field of yachting have allowed me to acquire a broad knowledge of Yachts.After 25 years working as a sailor, including 15 as a captain within Rodriguez Group Company, both serving at the helm and participating in the development of the Mangusta and Leopard range, I decided to join a shipyard as a project manager.

My knowledge of these luxury yachts has enabled me to develop a genuine network of experts and highly specialised professionals. Whether for propulsion systems, paintwork, carpentry, layout planning or any other type of work. Our partners are selected with the same high standards that you are right to expect from us.

These 30 years of experience in the field of super yachting mean that I can now offer a wide range of services.

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